You can find my training diary here.

This year is all about having fun. I suspect this might be the key to better races for me but we'll see...

  • I hate the treadmill but it helps with speed work by teaching your legs to move faster.
  • I'm not a huge fan of all the leg weights I have to do but I've finally conquered the big stair jumps which was quite a big deal for me.
  • I like terrain intervals because I'm much more of an offroad runner and I get to wear my offroad shoes which feel so different and so free.
  • Spin class strenghtens your leg muscles for riding up hills which has always been my strong point (I'm not so good at downhill on my mountain bike...gotta work on that).
  • I adore being out on my mountain bike but my road bike is pretty cool too and it's fast!!
  • Rock climbing is awesome for strength and balance but I have to take my shoes off after every couple of climbs!
  • But mostly I just love being active, challenging myself and having awesome adventures.